The Charm of an Old Farm House


~~~Welcome To Our Home~~~


Several years ago my husband and I decided to buy a small piece of land on the outskirts of Charlotte. That piece of land came with a “run down farmhouse” that needed lots of TLC. Let this blog be my first in my journey to share with you our experiences in restoring an older home!

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10 Responses to “The Charm of an Old Farm House”

  1. Hello and welcome to Modern Country Lady.Thank you for becoming my latest follower.Hope you had a great weekend-have a good week!

  2. Aww, your home is so gorgeous! I love the changes that you've made - that front porch just looks so perfect for relaxing with a cup of coffee :)

    Congrats on your new blog!!


  3. Rhonda, thank you for visiting my blog. I have added myself as one of your followers, and I invite you to follow my blog, too. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Pink Saturday. I hope you will join us.

    Your home is gorgeous. I look forward to reading and seeing more about it. We are in North Carolina, too.

  4. Goodness gracious... that looks like something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book/movie :) Beautiful!

  5. Your home is incredible! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I LOVE that red front door and all the stone! We are adding a stone from to our addition and around our garage.

  7. Gorgeous exterior. Love the red doors and the last shot is my favorite (the new look). I am originally from Greensboro.

  8. I can't get over how beautiful your home is. I just want to see more and more. I'm so happy you said hi yesterday so I could find you.

  9. I have to say, I think there is nothing better than a big white house. If I had a is what I'd want. I grew up in a big white house and nothing says American family to me more. Plus its the perfect Christmas house.


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