Do you know what was the first word that I taught my son to spell? It was "HAPPY"! I can still remember him in his baby/toddler voice running around spelling H-A-P-P-Y! My prayer for him then and still is that he will grow up a HAPPY child! Better yet, a HAPPY adult!

Unhappy people are NO fun to be around and I will avoid them at all cost! Some people have been unhappy for so long that they have forgotten what it feels like to just be HAPPY!

When I was trying to think of a name for my blog, I knew the word SPIRIT would be in the title and it only seemed natural that the word HAPPY be used as well since this word best defines me! A HAPPY SPIRIT seemed fitting but when this blog title was not available I did not let this break my spirit because this meant that a better title was in store. Then it hit me....A BLISSFUL SPIRIT is exactly how I see myself so why not call my blog A BLISSFUL SPIRIT? Knowing the definition of blissful in my mind, I wondered how the dictionary would define the word blissful?
Copying directly from the dictionary, the definition of BLISSFUL: extremely happy; full of joy; providing perfect happiness or great joy.
After reading this definition, I knew I had the perfect name for my blog!


  1. And BLISSFUL you are!!!! That is why I love you so much, love your company and love how you make me feel. Like you, I love people too, especially the happy ones, the nice ones. There is such a difference between those who live from what their brains tell them versus those who live and make their daily choices from their heart. From the heart is authentic. It is real. It is eternal and no one can take that away. It is easy to change someone's mind, not so easy to change someone's heart. Awesome Intro post. Can't wait to see more from you - because I know where you will be writing from. Your heart!!

  2. I am so excited to follow your blog! Hearing your voice, reading your words, seeing your face...never fails to make me smile and feel, well...blissful! You have such an amazing, beautiful, authentic and contagious spirit and I'm so lucky to be able to call you a friend (both in the real world and in the blogosphere!) Congratulations on your newest adventure!

  3. Congratulations on starting your blog! I love the name you chose.


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