Sunroom With a Colorful View

I am so thankful that our God is so colorful! I am just amazed how gorgeous the color is popping up everywhere! Spring time is my favorite time of the year! The view from our sunroom is bright pink...it almost doesn't look real!
And YES....that is an outhouse you see setting in the woods! The old outhouse is the topic of conversation when we have guest! I have a rock path out to it and I always plant flowers around it each year! I love the character that the outhouse adds to our house! The only person that uses it is a raccoon that has made it his home!

"Momma's Chair"

Today I am participating in my 3rd "Pink Saturday" hosted by
the sweet Ms. Beverly (click link below):


Special Order from The Easter Bunny

Special Order this week from the Easter Bunny! These three little girls are going to be very happy when they open their Easter Basket this year!!
$40 each


HomeGoods Shopping

I am blessed beyond words with the most perfect little family in the world...awesome hubby, sweet 14 year old son and two adorable BOY Yorkies! Needless to say, lots of testosterone in our house! LOVE my boys but ohhhh how I wish I had a little girl to spoil! Somehow I always manage to end up in the little girl department admiring all the adorable pink stuff!!!
Today I was shopping in
Home Goods
and all the sweet pink stuff drew me right in!

My favorite place to shop!
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Check out some of the great items I found at
for a little girls room!

Pink velvet chair for a little Princess!


"Swinging into Spring"

I recently found Judy's wonderful blog DIY by Design! I was so excited to read about her "Swing into Spring" party's! Click Here: http://bit.ly/iii6o7 I thought I would love to participate in this fun party but couldn't really figure out how to contribute until today! Not until I visited The Blacklion store in Charlotte, NC! My only regret was that I didn't bring my "big girl" camera to help capture all the gorgeous Easter items every where I looked! I am definitely in the mood to "Swing into Spring" after shopping today!


Spring Fever Itch

I made the mistake of prowling through photos of my flowers from last Summer! NOW I really have the itch to get outside and start planting but I know it is way too early!! Does anyone else have the itch?


~~~~~~Pink Saturday~~~~~~

Hand Stamped Jewelry by: www.TheSpiritFactory.com

I am a brand new blogger; therefore, I have no idea what I am doing BUT I am having FUN, FUN, FUN! Today I am participating in my first "Pink Saturday" hosted by
the sweet Ms. Beverly (click link below):

Outdoor Entertaining Before & After



When we bought our home, finding a vision with a rotten back deck was really hard but I pushed through it! After lots of hard work we now have an area that our entire family enjoys!


Kitchen Before & After

When I first saw this kitchen I thought, "do I have the energy to tackle this enormous job?" Needless to say, after a complete gutting of the kitchen, I now love my kitchen with the exception of my electric cooktop! When we started this remodel natural gas was not available; therefore, I did not get my Viking stove. Now natural gas is available so I plan to replace to electric cooktop very soon!



I am linking my "before & after" kitchen to one of my favorite blogs...so many great bloggers are participating in this event!