Special Order from The Easter Bunny

Special Order this week from the Easter Bunny! These three little girls are going to be very happy when they open their Easter Basket this year!!
$40 each


  1. These are adorable....
    Thanks so much for following me...I am just about to become YOUR newest follower. :)))
    oops, just noticed you have word verification on. Since Blogger now has a spam catcher, you may decide to click this off. Just sayin'....:)

  2. I think they'll be super excited-those are really neat!

  3. thanks for stopping by to visit and the encouraging words! i am now following you! Did u not love your Easter basket when u were little?!

  4. How pretty they are.
    I came to visit your very nice blog a few days ago when I read about it via dear Rhonda! Thank you for your visit.

  5. Hello Rhonda
    Nice to meet you.
    thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Your jewelry is beautiful. I know for a fact that they will be thrilled with the Easter bunny's presents.
    BTW your renovations on your home are AMAZING. Really pretty Rhonda.
    I also LOVE your blog layout and the pretty wallpaper you have.
    I can see you do LOVE your job : )
    Happy Sunday and Happy Spring.
    Love Claudie

  6. OMGOSH,
    I forgot to say that your fur babies are very very sweet. We have 6 little fur babies, mostly adopted, and 2 adopted cat balls.

  7. Hi Rhonda, these are so adorable, thanks for sharing..... I wanted to thank you for stopping by today and for joining as a follower, also wanted to welcome you to blog land.... it's a fun place to be! Wanted to let you know that I'm now your newest follower!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. Those are cute for the girls indeed!

  9. Those are beautiful! By the way, I haven't taken my necklace off since I picked it up (only at night of course). I get so many compliments on it too.

    Hope all is well :-)

  10. How cute...yes I'm sure that they are going to love them.


  11. Very happy indeed! Thank you for visiting me at Brambly and becoming a friend. I'm happy to follow you along on your blissful journey. Take care!


    *Your blog has a great design!

  12. Oh... those necklaces are so cute. Any girl would be so happy to receive from the Easter Bunny. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog yesterday! I just became your newest follower.

  13. Oh honey, those are just darling! I could just smooch your fur babies!!

    Deanna :D


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