"Spontaneous Baptizing" at its BEST!

Since our son, Jackson, was a baby we've always raised him in church! But what does that really mean if you don't practice Godly values in the home? When Jackson was a baby we committed to God that we would raise him with Christian values by having him Christened.

David and I are not perfect parents - but who is?

Early in our marriage, we adopted several strategies which have helped our marriage stay strong over the years. Surprisingly, those rules have proven to be just as effective as "parenting rules".

As Jackson gets older (he is now 14) we are seeing the fruits of these strategies before our very eyes.

We may not agree with his messy room, leaving dishes on the counter or forgetting to brush is teeth, but is it worth arguing ov
er? To some parents, that answer is yes - but not us!

The most important aspect we look for in Jackson is that he is making "good decisions" everyday of his life like who his friends are, for example. Is he thoughtful and kind to others? Does he have a heavy heart when he see's something sad? Does he respect his elders? Does he stick up for the kid who is being bullied? Does he comfort a classmate when he see's her crying? Does he enjoy going to church? Does he enjoy volunteering his time in our church? As we have witnessed Jackson doing all the above it makes us feel that we are doing a pretty good job as his parents!
We stole a word of advise once given by our Pastor, Steven Furtick:
WE hope and pray Jackson has boring testimony.
In other words, that he stays out of trouble and loves Jesus all his live. (thanks, Pastor Steven we love this!!)

The one thing that has made us the most proud to be Jackson's parents was the one Sunday at church that he told his dad and I that he wanted to be baptized! It is what is now being called the "spontaneous baptizing" event of the year at Elevation Church as over 200 people gathered at the alter to be baptized. Our Pastor, Steven Furtick listened to God as he told him to call out for 5 men of our church to come forward to be baptized immediately. That was all it took...men, woman and children started coming forward. Jackson gave his heart to Jesus many years ago but on Sunday, April 17, 2011 he decided he wanted to confess his faith by being baptized when Pastor Steven called out to his congregation. We were not prepared with extra clothes...but did it really matter? On top of that, Jackson had a broken ankle at the time! (boot & crutches) Watching Jackson lay his crutches down, remove his boot and proceed to limp his way into the baptizing tank with his church clothes on melted our hearts and filled our hearts with such pride we were bursting at the seams! Days such as these sure do help us keep the messy rooms and strewn backpacks in perspective to remember what's important; the beautiful heart of our child.
"In the Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost"

Jackson's generous heart amazes us each day!

This is a 30 second video of Jackson being baptized!
Thank you to Pastor Larry Brey for putting his special touch on baptizing Jackson!

Pastor Larry Brey is one of my favorite people in the world. 
What an AMAZING man of God! 
Here is a link to one of the best sermons ever preached by none other than Pastor Larry. http://bit.ly/lh9e4S

After hearing Pastor Larry preach this sermon I was blown away!  I immediately went home and designed a special necklace just for him based on the over top sermon he preached!

I would like to invite you to attend church with us at Elevation!



Have you read the book SUN STAND STILL? If not, I highly recommend it! It was written by the Pastor of our church, Steven Furtick of www.ElevationChurch.org

What happens when you dare to ask God for the impossible?
Dreams are realized. Lives are transformed. The world is changed. And the impossible happens.

How can a Mom fuss at her 14 yr old son when he dumps his backpack on the floor when this is what I saw?

Thanks to Pastor Steven for having such an amazing spiritual impact on our 14 yr old sons life!
Pastor Steven's Blog: www.stevenfurtick.com

This book has impacted so many people! I have recently been receiving custom orders for my
SUN STAND STILL necklace design!
I feel blessed and honored to make these for those impacted by this book!

I've been designing jewelry for almost 14 years but this design was a first! My son came into my office with his old distressed cross charm in hand requesting that I make him a necklace that included his favorite Bible verse. He had my undivided attention! I went to work on it immediately!