Family Room Built-Ins "Before & After"

When we bought this "older" home it needed lots of TLC. The family room had a fireplace but it was more of an eyesore than anything! The brick was a really boring color. I decided to to give the fireplace a complete make over which meant also building built-ins around the fireplace.


I first painted the boring brick with a primer in a pale yellow.

Next I added an oak colored wood stain over the primed brick. Yes, wood stain! As I painted the stain on, I rubbed with a wet rag to get the look I was going for!

I completely designed my built-ins myself; however, I had to to hire someone to actually build them!

After the built-ins were complete then a primer (tinted green) was added.

Thank goodness for my oldest and dearest best friend, Beth Chapman of Walls In Disguise. (she is located in the Clemson, SC area) Beth is an amazing "artist" who can paint anything! I picked the color and she went to work! I wanted the built-ins to have a green distressed look! Beth did an amazing job!

I am participating in the September's Before and After Party with the fabulous Thrifty Decor Chick!


  1. This looks gorgeous. I'm such a sucker for arches too. Nice job!

  2. Everything in your house is beautiful!! You just have a knack for decorating! Love you!

  3. What a wonderful transformation! And I love the design of shelves/cabinets. A lot of work! But most impressive is your brick transformation--how you made them still look like bricks but such a different shade and tone! Wonderful! And I like the piece of molding at the bottom to reduce the amt of brick you see. As we redid our fireplace (far less extensively) this summer, i am quite interested in what you did!

  4. Wow! Great transformation. And I had to laugh since you also painted over your brick to look like brick.


  5. Great transformation, I enjoyed seeing the photos of your progress, well done!

  6. What an amazing transformation!!

  7. You really did give the house a lot of love and care. Good job. Great transformation.



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