House Number Painted on Flower Pots

I know it's January but when it's 70 degrees outside in Charlotte, NC...I had to get outside to do some gardening! This is a project I have been wanting to do for awhile...I bought 4 flower pots, painted our house number on them, filled them with pansies and placed them at the end of our long driveway! As I was working on them, I had several neighbors come by with nothing but wonderful complements!


My Kitchen Farm Table Is No Longer Boring!

We have had this kitchen farm table for about 8 years and I must say, it has been a great table. The bench is the most popular place to sit by everyone at our house! Although, I love the style of our kitchen table I have grown tired of the boring brown. When I become bored with furniture...I usually move it to a different room if possible or I paint it which makes it seem brand new to me! After becoming very tired of my kitchen table I decided it was time for some color!!



I first applied a light green tinted primer
by Behr Paint.
I had read a clever tip when painting legs of furniture you should elevate them which makes it easier! This is a great tip! I used 4 bed boosters that I had bought for my sons bed but never used.

I applied the primer to the legs of the table
and the bench.
I found it easiest to turn the bench upside down.

After the primer had dried (about 1 hour) I then applied an olive green paint color that
I loved by Behr Paint.

My last step was to apply a brown "wash" over the entire areas that I had painted green. I just used some old brown paint leftover from another project. I put a small amount in a tupperware container and added water. I used a brush to lightly coat the brown "wash" over the green then I used a wet rag to buff over the "wash" until I got the look I was looking for. When applying the "wash" I did this in small sections at a time because the "wash" dries quickly.
I love the distressed look; therefore, a "wash" is the best way to get this look!

I love the way my table and bench turned out! The entire project took about 4 hours! Amazing what a little bit of paint can do!!

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