Remodeling Kitchen for the 2nd Time

When we first bought this house natural gas was not an option for us; therefore, I had to have all electric appliances.  Finally, after years of being tortured with my electric cooktop we decided to bite the bullet and pay the natural gas company to run gas lines to our much secluded home. 

After a 2nd Kitchen Remodel...
I now have a 36"  Thermodor Gas Cooktop w/griddle 
Zephyr Hood that I love.  

Needless to say, remodeling always has its challenges.

This pic was taken when we first bought this "old" house and started gutting the kitchen.  
The OLD, OLD cabinets were still in.

This is after the 1st remodel ...when electric appliances were our only option.
(No words to express how much I hated this cooktop! 
I burned & wasted so many meals)

Removing the electric cooktop...NO tears shed here!!

Removed the old hood and cabinets from the wall to make room for the custom cabinet/hood that would accommodate the new Zephyr Hood and custom storage cabinets.

My contractor built this amazing hood and cabinets from scratch.  I drew on a piece of paper how I wanted them to look 
and they did the rest! 

Next I needed my "forever BFF", Beth Chapman, to work her magic...and that she did!  Beth lives about 3 hours from me in Clemson, SC... she came to paint my new hood to match the rest of my kitchen cabinets. No one would ever know that my new hood was not made by the cabinet manufacturer.  Beth is a professional faux painter and she did an AMAZING job!! 
Her business is called:  

I wanted the hood to have some black distressed areas....
I love what Beth did!

Beth did such a great job matching the new cabinets to my old cabinets (Wellborn Forest Cabinets)!

I am so happy that I had this "nitch" cut out 
on my backsplash wall.  
This area is great for spices and such.  

Notice the cabinet above the oven now goes to the ceiling.  Prior to this project...the cabinets did not go to the ceiling.  I had my contractor add bead board and modeling above all the cabinets in my kitchen.  I love having the cabinets extending to the ceiling.

This kitchen has came a long way from the day I took the pic below! 
This was taken the first time we came to see the house when it was for sale! 

Notice how my cabinets are now extended to the ceiling!

This may seem like a small remodeling job but there was a lot of work involved in this process.  
I had to hire a licensed contractor to install the natural gas lines (this had to be inspected by the city).  
I also hired a licensed electrician to do all the electrical work.  
My contractor had the biggest job: 
removing old hood and cabinets, cutting the existing base cabinets to fit new cooktop, cutting existing granite, installed hood and vented the hood to an exterior wall, installing the tiled backsplash, trim and molding to flow into existing molding, etc...

I am very pleased with how it all turned out!  
I have not burned one single item on my new GAS cooktop! :-)

My kitchen paint color for those of you that have ask.  
Home Depot Behr Paint: River Bank (380F-6

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  1. Oh your kitchen looks wonderful! Your cabinets are beautiful! I once had an electric stove (for about a month). I know your pain because I, too, burned alot of food on that thing. Luckily the gas line was already run, so that's all we had to do was buy a gas stove & have it hooked up. Enjoy your new gas stovetop!!

    1. Gina, I'm glad someone else understands my pain! I had to cook for years on that "demon possessed" (haaaa) electric stove. I am so happy with my new gas stove...glad to hear you are happy with yours too!!
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Aloha Rhonda! Looks fantastic and I'm happy that have the gas stove that you so wanted.
    I've always used electric ranges, but for the ranch hubby wanted gas. Our house is out in the boonies too and we opted for propane. Didn't even think to ask if we could get a natural gas line put in.
    Now for the blonde question - is there a big difference between natural gas and propane?

  3. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  4. I like how your kitchen remodeling has turned out. And Beth certainly did a great job painting the new hood. I think getting an expert to help you out with remodeling the kitchen is a smart move. It can help to save a lot of time and money because experts are more capable and knowledgeable about the work that can lessen the risk of mistakes and redoing all the work.

    Chase Conely


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