Grateful to be a Small Business Owner

Today I am giving everyone a glimpse into my MESSY humble office/studio where I design each and every order I receive.  Designing hand stamped jewelry is something I am so passion about...I truly love my job.  If someone would of told me when I graduated college that one day my profession would require me to use tools all day and work from a fish tackling box...I would of thought they were crazy!  

It may be MESSY 
at least I am surrounded by pretty things all day! 

THANK YOU for supporting a small business owner like myself!!

Now this is where I do all my design work...

Yep, I use a fishing tackle box to help me stay organized! 

My desk may be messing but it works for me!  
I am thinking of starting to wear a tool belt to help me keep track of all my tools!!  haaaa!!! 

Just above my work station, 
I keep just a few of my collection of Bible's! 
Remind's me of where I came from 
where I am going! 


Please, support a Small Business Owner...
we appreciate your business more than you will ever know!! 

I saw this online and thought it was appropriate for my post!

I design things for men...

I design things for woman...

I design for teenage girls...

I design for teenage boys...

Let me know if I can design something for you or a loved one!!



  1. You've got some old Bibles on your shelf! They're beautiful. A work belt actually sounds like a good idea to me; I'd be able to find my tools easier --- maybe! I love what you do!

    And I enjoyed looking at your kitchen again.

    1. Thank you...I love my job! I am very blessed!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you...I am blessed with the world's best job!

  3. A messy office is a busy office and I like it that way! Your office looks great to me :-)


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