Miracle on the Hudson Flight 1549

Today is the anniversary of the 
“Miracle on the Hudson".  
On this day four years ago most of us sat watching the news in disbelief as USairways Flight 1549 landed safely in the Hudson River.  Then as we all watched, one by one the passengers started lining up on the wings of the aircraft. 

 I cannot imagine the since of fear and relief they all must of felt knowing how closely they came to crashing.  Thanks to the amazing training and experience of Captain Sully, he managed to safely bring the plane down when all engines had failed due to a flock of geese. 

I was honored when contacted to design necklaces 
for many of the survivor's of Flight 1549.  
Each necklace included the Flight 1549, the seat number of the passenger along with a large sterling silver Jet charm.

While watching our local news I watched a survivor being interviewed, all the while, wearing a necklace I had designed for her.  She told of her horrific ordeal and explained what the necklace meant to her.


  1. I am a nervous flyer, and I just pray that my pilots are as capable as Captain Sully... what a hero! What an honor that you were able to design jewelry for the survivors. That is wonderful :)

  2. Yes that is quite an honor to design jewelry for the survivors. What a neat idea and how amazing to see it right on your own TV,


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