Snow Day's are the BEST


I grew up in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina where snow was very common during the winter months.  After college I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina which is a couple of hours East of the mountains.  Although, I love living in Charlotte I do miss all the snow.  Recently Charlotte received our first snow within the past couple of years.  
Needless to say, it was heaven to me!

When I woke up, I was so excited to see the snow that I quickly grabbed my boots and headed out in my pj's! 

Not a sweet tea kinda day for my front porch, 
more like a Hot Chocolate kinda day!

 I was tempted to build a fire in the fire pit!

My sweet Samme followed me every step of the way 
on my snow venture....he loved it!

But Buddy-Butthead wanted NO part of the snow 
so he stayed inside!  
(his name fits him perfectly...haaa!)

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4 Responses to “Snow Day's are the BEST”

  1. Wasn't it the most beautiful snow? It was nice that it was still there the next morning at least for a few hours!

    1. Yes, I loved the snow....and it stuck around just long enough not to wear out its welcome! :-)

  2. Beautiful snowy photos! Enjoy it!

  3. Oh, so jealous of all the snow! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    - Lora


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