~Get to know me~

Those who've known me my entire life will tell you that I've always been creative! Growing up I always had the best doll house and the coolest clubhouse.  (because I built them out of whatever I could find)  I've never considered myself a "girlie girl" , "tomboy"  fits me better!  Even though a typical weekend, growing up, was camping with my parents and riding horses in the mountains with my dad,  you'd be lucky to catch me without my bubblegum lipgloss!

I love the “high” I get from being creative!  I move furniture just because I get a vision that a piece of furniture would look best in an entirely different place.  I've been known to switch entire rooms out in our house just because I decided it was a good idea!  I dappled in jewelry making way before “beading” was cool!  I can remember playing around with my Grandma’s costume jewelry;  recycling her broken pieces into hair barrettes, bookmarks, picture frames, etc... 

After graduating college with a degree in Business & Marketing I moved to Charlotte, NC to pursue a career in business in 1990.   Soon after moving to Charlotte, I married the love of my life, David Jones.  In 1996 we had our son, Jackson.  I was very blessed to be a full-time stay at home mom.  When Jackson was a toddler, I decided to take my passion for designing jewelry to the next level.  I opened my own business called Bead Diva Designs. Over the next several years I designed thousands of pieces of jewelry for clients all over the country.  I was supplying to retail stores, had several sales reps selling my line of jewelry and even sold 7 franchises of my business.   I was working 7 days a week to keep up with the demand.  What I had once LOVED had become more than even a full time job -  all the while struggling to maintain the full- time mom status.   I eventually burned out and decided it was time to take a break. 

At that same time David and I decided to buy a small piece of land on the outskirts of Charlotte.  That piece of land came with a “run down farmhouse” that needed lots of TLC.  Working towards our vision, I spent the next several years as the General Contractor creating our dream home!  During that time, my jewelry materials and supplies stayed packed away in boxes which was fine with me because I had no time to design jewelry. 

Once the remodeling was complete I found myself yearning to get back to designing jewelry!  I really missed it.  Before I knew it my “hand stamped” custom jewelry designs were a hit!   It didn't take long for the word to spread to all my “old” customers that I was back in business with a new line before they all started contacting me.  With today's Social Media it was really easy to put my jewelry out there for the world to see.  Finally, I was back to doing what I LOVE to do....designing jewelry!  God has blessed me in so many ways throughout my life...I am beyond grateful that he allows me do something I love all the while using His name as the base & foundation of my business!  I hope to design something for you....after all my motto is: “everything I do is done in the SPIRIT of giving!”

One Blessed Spirit Filled Gal,

Rhonda :-)

  "I want to live in such a way, that when I wake up each morning Satan will say, “Oh no! She's awake!'"